it’s late and I’m sad

I just wanted to write a quick post non-relevant to my misfortunes. I feel a little bit overwhelmed because I actually have a couple of followers and a couple of likes. And everything in a matter of days. Thanks for liking these, let alone reading them. You have no idea how it feels to write something personal and have people feel related to it.

Just writing and thinking about these several posts that I’ve written so far, make my heart ache a bit, and it’s fine. It really is. I’m a strong believer that those who forget about it are condemned to repeat it.

I’ve had 2 days off from college because of the snow and my professors just being lazy, but I got to do some homework and get ahead. It feels good to do stuff, as weird as that sounds. It’s been a very productive day and I feel drained.

I’m going to New York for the weekend with a couple of friends and I’m really excited. I’ll take a bunch of pictures and post them here and hopefully you like those too.

Thanks again and keep reading.


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